Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Moodle favicon

This entry is about how to change the moodle favicon. What is favicon? Well, favicon is somewhat icon that will be displayed at your browser. It will caught the user attention and can take effect on the website branding. It will make it easier for the user to remember your website just referring to the favicon that displayed.

In moodle, the default favicon is :
Then we manage to change it to our own favicon. You can design it by using photo editor or whatever application that allow us to design some kind of logo. Then convert it to *.ico file. Just remember, you cannot simply just save the image as *.ico. I use this website to convert it. Please make sure your image is in 16x16 size.

My favicon :

Step 1 : If you are using the default theme, go to yourproject file - theme - standard. Paste yourfavicon.ico
Step 2 : Go to yourproject file - theme - standard - header.html

At the line :
Please make sure the *.ico name is the same as the one you paste just now.
Step 3 : Open your browser, then clear the cache.
Step 4 : Refresh, then taraaa..there you can see your favicon! :)

P/S : Thanks for reading. I am doing this tutorial for myself in the future. I am glad if you like this entry. :)