Friday, May 29, 2009

i was born in MAY

byk gle seyh same ngan i..
wahahaha..bijak ah sape wat neh..
sign pleasee!!!

[even xde kaitan]
i appreciate this~ :P
BABY MILO suit u well..
hahahaha.. :))
bia ah u nk pggl i singe pown..
singe kale oren..i ske! :D
time kaseh..even bnd ni da rosak!
[x tau kamo bace x blog neh..haha.. :P]

Monday, May 25, 2009

rock legend

hoho..rock legend ni merupakan slh satu game kat FB n saye ske men beliau.. :P even level daku x tgg mane still dalam progress ok~ :D

saje je nk update..hehe.. :D

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

oh..i gonna miss u.. ;(

da abes tgk da..
i want season 2 plz! :D
y u r so chomelll oh~

enjoy! :) highly recomended~ hehe :D

Monday, May 18, 2009

I want...

i want Ryuuji as my BF (boyfriend)
and Minorin as my BF (bestfriend)
iwant! iwant! iwant!!~


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Vanilla Salt

vanilla with salt, burning love
if it's only sweetness
then add some salt
i want u to understand me more than anyone else
so i want to disclose
but it cannot be done
because i've no experience, and it's rather irritating
but a love that's only sweet is a little
different from what i wish for
if i told it's white
i will say it's black
unable to be honest, i'm just rebellious
if u say u like me, i will say i hate u
i'm obviously happy, but what am i saying..
just like adding salt to the sweet vanilla

~ xOx0 ~

A Very Happy Teacher's Day

16th may

to all those who'd being my teacher
no wonder where u r now
not even u are a legal teacher or not
at least u have teach me something
that bright my days
a speacial thx 4 u guys
sorry 4 those bad things i've done

to all my friends that will become a teacher someday
just learn from the past
what have we done to them
think +vely

and find the best solution to treat ur student
coz u've been through
those day as a student..
a naughty student
best of luck!

anis's virus spread..i'm +vely infected!

virus name : ToraDora
stage : 3
comment : awakening, enjoyable, sweet.. :]

haha..toradora is an anime saye sebok2 dk men game..lame gile x men..tgn pown da keras..da x seterer dlu..even dlu pown x terer.. :P saje je tego cik anis..die dk tuka2 shout out YM dgn b'gayenye..saye pown tanye ah~ apekah bndnye toradora die ckp je.."ANIME"..then agak x lame lepas borak2 sket..beliau ngntk dan mahu tdo~

pas rase bosan..frust actly sbb tgn saye lembab..n saye x leh nk focus kat not2 game tu..saye pown try le search toradora..pastu da abes 3 episod..agak besh..lawak.. :D sbb tu saye tulis stage 3..sbb da abes 3 it'll remind me tomorrow, continue watching next episode..hehe.. ;) bijak x?

saye je gatal tgn mau ni da lame gle x update..i noe sy sgt mls menaep..(sape suh buat blog??) hehe.. :D bukan mls..x de idea ntuk lebih ske melukis okeh..biau le it's bad as whateva bad things that u can think..hehe~

let me intro about this hilarious yet sweet TORADORA (just pictures ok) hehe~ for further details u can just googled..ngeh ngeh.. xD

mcm x menarik?

ok?emmm..x ok eh?

agak gile2..

taiga..aum aum..cute yet ganaz oh~