Tuesday, March 31, 2009

sad, but yet happy.. :P

weird stuff happened last weekend.. :P haha..i went to KL to celebrate my sist convo but then i don't go (just going to zoo and KLCC) bawak kanak2 jalan2.. T.T That was the sad story and the happy was i met my family (even not all of them) and my friends (ros, ikin, ana ngan mai)..time kaseh datang.. xD besh x makan mns2?? hahahaha~

aku da mkn da mak aku msk..shuke shuke!! hehehee.. :D da lame sgt x mkn..windu gle kot..bosan da mkn2 kat kdi..wuwuwuwuuu~


saye sgt laen..means dat laen gle r darik mak aku..aku sgt gelap..family aku sume cerah2.. mayb ikot ayah aku kot..beliau xde dlm gamba..my mom? the one in green tudung..beze gle kan? yeye saye tau..kecik2 dlu akak aku slalu je ckp aku anak pungut.. T.T sgt sedey..da la gelap, tbe2 je tggi..org len sdg2 je..aduyaii..kenapekahhh???

btw..mase g zoo tu, tbe 2je aku jumpe makhluk neh..ape ntah name die..tp beliau == tikus plg besa kat dunia..wahhh..dalam byk2 kali aku g zoo negare tu..x prasan la plak bnd tu wujud..huhu~ ke aku je yg x penah jumpe beliau..mst beliau malu nehh..ari tu je beliau nk jumpe aku kot..wahahaha.. :) tp beliau ttp cun la..

[ x de keje =P]

[ beliau sgt besa kan? ni la tikus tu ]

[ zaumar n zaty - sgt penat jage mereka -_-" ]

[hehe~ mari ke zoo.. ;) ]

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

i'm not!!

dear friend,
if I'm wrong then u r???
i just wanna make it right, ok..
but then u get emo..mad at me?
hurm..i dun mean anything, sorry...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

in lab

March 9

today i wake up at 6.45 am..hehe~ after the holidays even thought it was just 3 days but it seems affected me..btw i like holidays!!x0xo..I'm in the lab right now..n the lecturer doesn't come..die selseme kot.. :P so this is my first time surfing da net almost 2 hours in lab..sy bdk baek, okay.. :D

i got a lot of work to do..almost 6 of them..whoa~ every night got class!! sgt pnt + mls!! :( cannot wait 4 the becoming study week.. :D syaidah salim, rajen2 la kamu.. >.<

March 11

huhu~ i x tahu la knape tbe2 post kat atas ni dk dalam draft..i thought that i have post it b4..i ponteng ko-Q but with MC..ngee.. xD so,not counted as ponteng la kan? hehe..i need to design a backdrop for the annual dinner.. i got no idea to do it..sgt kasihan saye..this evening we got to print it.. The dinner is so around the corner..3 days left!

Be creative.BE CREATIVE.Be creative!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

today is holiday

btw, this is the 2nd blog that i've created. 1st is for the asgmnt, u can download movie..it's free! check it out babe.. : ]

click on the pic

wahh..since when i like to blog??
i even can't tell myself..what's wrong with me?? what a lame ques..lalallalaaa~

today is 08 march..mayb it's not too late to invite those hu r interested to join us at SINAR GEMERLAPAN night..an annual dinner of my college actually - KDSE, UTM Skudai..come come..hehe~

banner dinner'09
It's my artwork..messy rite? yeaa..i noe.. >.<