Sunday, May 17, 2009

Vanilla Salt

vanilla with salt, burning love
if it's only sweetness
then add some salt
i want u to understand me more than anyone else
so i want to disclose
but it cannot be done
because i've no experience, and it's rather irritating
but a love that's only sweet is a little
different from what i wish for
if i told it's white
i will say it's black
unable to be honest, i'm just rebellious
if u say u like me, i will say i hate u
i'm obviously happy, but what am i saying..
just like adding salt to the sweet vanilla

~ xOx0 ~


aezone said...

uuuuuuu aiskrimmmmm ...

chaied said...

hehe..sedapp ohh~
nyum nyum! :D

Anonymous said...

"banira saruto de..
burning love..
sedap lagu ni..

chaied said...

yaya..hehe~ anis da download da? :D

Anonymous said...

Dah dah.. brape ratus kali da dengar kot. :P